Sunday, April 16, 2017

3 Essential Ways You Need to Allow Customers to Contact Your Business

When you provide a service or sell products to the general public, gaining your customers’ trust is incredibly important. This can be even more integral to your business’ brand identity and reputation when you generally sell to your customers online, because they have not had the personal interaction with a representative of your business when ordering from you that they would if you won their business in a physical shop or through face to face marketing. This means that you need to make sure your customers feel like there is always the facility to talk to a real person from your company should they have any issues. It makes them less nervous about buying, and gives a sense that they are dealing with a business comprised of helpful people rather than a faceless website.

Not all of your customers will ever need to contact you, but showing clearly that they can and giving great service if they choose to goes a long way towards giving your company credibility in their minds. There are lots of ways people can contact businesses these days, and as a small company, chances are you won’t want to have to support them all, so here are three methods of communication you should prioritise:

1. Phone

You may not have the budget or demand to set up a proper contact centre complete with Code Software call logging systems and highly trained agents, but that shouldn’t stop you giving people a number they can call. Many customers use the phone as their first line for getting in touch with businesses as they perceive it to lead to a fast answer and the opportunity to talk person to person. So if you don’t give out a number to customers this can often seem like a red flag.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Ways Micro Loan Can Benefit Small Business

Small business owners need working capital to deal with ups and downs of cash flow, pay for operating expenses, and invest in growth – but they usually don’t need the same large amounts of capital that big companies require. Instead, many small businesses can get by with smaller “micro loans” in amounts of $50,000 or less. Even a small amount of money is often enough to make a big difference for a small business.

Here are a few ways that small business owners can use micro loans to help their businesses succeed:

Pay for Marketing Costs

Getting a micro loan is often a good source of funds to help pay for new marketing expenses – whether it’s a new marketing campaign, a revamped website, Pay Per Click ads, sponsored posts on social media, or more. If you want to try some new marketing techniques, it’s often good to have a fresh influx of cash to help pay for your marketing work – after all, “you have to spend money to make money.” Ideally, your marketing will pay for itself!

Buy New Equipment

Do you need to buy new business equipment? Whether it’s new machinery, new office furniture, a company car, or new business laptops or mobile devices, your business will be more productive if you have the latest equipment to help you do your work. Depending on your needs, getting a micro loan can often give you the necessary funds to buy (or lease) new business equipment.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 Practical Tips to Succeed in Small Business

Running a business can be both fulfilling and nerve-wracking especially when you are just starting. You must make sure that every decision you make is wise and practical. The future of your business depends on the decisions that you will be making today. Therefore, you must make a conscious effort to ensure that everything you do is for the long-term success and growth of the company. However, there is also the part wherein you need to be practical especially to cut production cost or to use your budget wisely.

As a start-up business, you probably have limited resources or conservative budget to work with. It is understandable because you are just well, starting.

In this article, we will discuss some practical tips for small business owners to consider. This will help them build a stronger business. At the end of the day, small business’s goal is to become established and big.

Hire handful but reliable people – manpower is indeed an integral part of the success of your business. You should hire competent employees that can help you build your company and your business. You do not necessarily need to hire hundreds of employees – just a few that you can trust and rely would do.